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Neil Griffiths

Behaviour: Purpose driven. Intuitive. 

Attitude: Can we do it in a different way?

Decision-making: Realistic, thoughtful.

Admires: Honesty. Sustainability warriors.

Seeks: Creative stimulus

Loves: Being curious

Wants: Non conformists. Success.

Hides: Guilt. Frustration.

Good side: Ideas & creativity

Bad side: Wants it to always be perfect.

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Simon Thomas 

Behaviour: Logical & common-sense thinking

Attitude: Say it as it is

Decision-making: Considered, theoretical, pragmatic

Admires: Loyalty

Seeks: Intellectual stimulus

Loves: Ideas & learning

Wants: ‘Human’ client relationships

Hides: Empty bottles

Good side: Competitive edge

Bad side: Losing. At anything.

Simon’s Profile


Ken Kane

Behaviour: Curious

Attitude: The art of the possible

Decision-making: Considered (with a bit of risk)

Admires: Loyalty

Seeks: Challenge

Loves: Warmth & humanity

Wants: Feedback

Hides: Car keys

Good side: Caring & supportive

Bad side: Losing.