• Neil Griffiths

The Finer Details: Episode 5 - The courageous organisation: Can it be perfect?

On episode 5, we talk 'unfiltered' by asking 'can any employer be perfect?' Isn't it time organisations removed the 'rose tinted filters' and shared both their strengths and 'areas of development' to candidates. Many a glossy corporate narrative would have us believe that perfection in organisations is common place. Rarely do we see the balance of reality and magic moments. Wouldn’t it be better if organisations showed up as ‘human enterprises’ in the stories they tell?

The team are also joined by Tom Crawford, who shares his global experiences on what makes a good leader, the importance of 'dialogue' not 'broadcast' communications and why organisations need to 'facilitate change' if people are to be their true selves in the workplace. It was thought provoking to have Tom join us for a great discussion.

All this together with bizarre careers for 2021, abandoned parcels, and the Argos catalogue in our regular feature of 'what's caught our eye' in the increasingly bizarre world of talent.

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