• Neil Griffiths

The Finer Details: Episode 3

Just how important is it for an organisation to 'be human'? What does it actually mean and does it really make any difference to current or future talent? For Episode 3, we dive into a subject that is very relevant given how people are reassessing what they want from an employer. The team are also joined by Global HR and Talent Acquisition leader, Karen Kesner – who shares her thoughts on the importance of leadership vulnerability, how courage in the human enterprise is essential for success and why it's crucial for us all to show up as our 'best selves' in the workplace. And if that's not enough, we share the latest bizarre happenings from the world of talent, including tips on the perfect 'remote job interview' and the need for clarity on whether we're living in 'unprecedented' or 'unparalleled' times.

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